Our Approach

Every firehouse has a coffee table, every firehouse runs fire calls, so whats the difference between us? The amount of calls per day? The color of our truck? When it comes down to it, we all do the same job, we just wear a different shirt.


Our core value, the Latin meaning for "SERVICE BEFORE SELF".

Meet the Team

We at East Coast Fire Training would like to show everyone who we are and what we believe in. We want our followers to put a face on what is posted. We are seven administrators/instructors that come from different departments with different staffing/equipment/calls.


Capt. Stephen Cox

Stephen Cox has 13 years on the job currently serving Flagler Beach Fire Department, currently assigned as the Battalion 11. He is a Paramedic, Fire Officer 2 , Fire Instructor 1, a marine rescue operator and holds an A.S Degree in EMS. He received Public Safety Individual of the Year in 2016, Firefighter of the Year in 2013 and had a life saving award in 2015. Capt. Cox has a deep interest about VES, Aerial Ops, Truck Co/Support Co Operations, Firefighter Survival and RIT. Capt. Cox focuses on skills and teaches skills dependent on staffing models out there. Stephen originated this page after having a hunger for knowledge in the fire service and realized the worst information out there is information unshared.


FF/PM Julio Ramos

Julio has 11 years on the job working as a firefighter paramedic for OCFRD with the last five years assigned to Special Operations, currently serving on the County's Eastside Heavy Rescue/HazMat Company. Julio is also the founder of Fireground and Special Operations Concepts LLC, the teaching component of East Coast Fire Tactics. Julio has an A.S. Degree in Fire Science, is Florida State and Pro Board Fire Officer 1 and Instructor 1, and also is an instructor for the local fire college. Julio also performs the calibration on the department's hazardous materials meters and also the lead and program developer for many of the courses on his department such as forcible entry. Julio loves forcible entry, hazardous materials, VES and search procedures, large area search, and heavy rescue/support company/truck company functions.


Lt. Armando Castaneda

Armando Castaneda, Jr. is a 8-year employee with Flagler County Fire Rescue, where he currently serves as a Lieutenant on Engine 16. Armando is a member of the Flagler County Technical Rescue Team, FL-USAR Team 312, the Flagler County Wildfire Mitigation team, as well as the county’s multi-agency Critical Incident Stress Management team. With a focus on conventional forcible entry and search techniques, Armando has a heavy involvement in most of the training in Flagler County. He also has the unique opportunity to serve, along with several other Flagler County firefighters, as a lead instructor at Flagler Palm Coast High School’s pilot program, aimed at developing future firefighters through student development during four years of classwork.
Armando’s previous experience as a Regional Training Director for a Northeastern based corporate chain allowed him to hone his skills as an effective instructor and public speaker at a very young age. Over the course of ten years, he spent much of his time developing and implementing standardized training programs in a corporate setting, until he found his true passion in the fire service. Armando, along with several of his local Flagler brothers, currently has the privilege of being frequently sent to various trainings around the state, with the purpose of developing more extensive training programs back in Flagler County. He has also been happily married for fifteen years and is a proud father of one.


FF/PM james cosgrove

James Cosgrove is a 9 year veteran of Flagler County Fire Rescue. He is currently assigned to Engine 92, a technical rescue apparatus, as a driver/paramedic. He is also a combat medic for the Army National Guard. Due to his military experience James is taking the lead in establishing a Rescue Task Force in Flagler County, a first of its kind for the area, intended to prepare first responders to deal with the impending shadow of mass shooting type incidents. He's also an instructor for Flagler County Fire Rescue and is helping educate and continuously improve the culture of his department. His passion and expertise is VEIS and Vehicle extrication. James also assists as an instructor for the Flagler Palm Coast Fire academy, a pilot program aimed at developing and recruiting high school students.



Capt. Dara Hennesey

Chief Hennessey began her fire department career in 2003 with the City of Casselberry/Seminole County Fire Department at the age of 19 until accepting an offer with the City of St. Cloud Fire Department as their Deputy Chief. Over the course of her career she... has gained extensive hands-on experience in both leadership and training that has encompassed frontline suppression tactics/techniques, command and control, special operations/technical rescue, and live fire drills. Prior to coming to the City of St. Cloud, Chief Hennessey spent the majority of her career on Tower 25 as a Firefighter Paramedic, Ride Up Officer, and Lieutenant that was heavily involved with technical rescue and training. She is currently a USAR FL-TF4 member as well. In addition, she has assisted several departments, both in and out of State, with their engineer process as well as instructed for Seminole County’s Driver Operator Program. Chief Hennessey currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management and serves as an Adjunct Professor at Seminole State College and Lake Technical College. She is also an associate member of the Florida Fire Training Directors Association and is involved with the LEPC.



Lt. Brandon Seymour

Brandon Seymour is a third generation firefighter with 12 years on the job and is currently a Lieutenant on E-42 with the St. Augustine Fire Department. He holds an A.S. Degree in Fire Science, is a Florida State certified Fire Officer 2, Instructor 2, Life Safety Educator, Live Fire Instructor, Incident Safety Officer, Haz-Mat Technician, Inspector 1, Investigator 1, and an AHA certified BLS provider. Brandon is passionate about the safety and proficiency of firefighters and has been teaching for United Fire Services in St. Augustine for three years. Because the success of an emergency incident depends heavily upon the first sequence of decisions made, he devotes much of his time to learning and teaching valuable skills for the first due company.
From the start of his career with the Flagler Beach Fire Department to his current position with the City of St. Augustine, Brandon has been asked to fill many roles including Pension Board Chairman, Civil Service Representative, Union President, and Fire Marshal. He looks forward to sharing his experiences and learning from others

Firefighter Nate Carn

Nate Carn is a Firefighter for the DeLand Fire Department and is a 14 year veteran of the fire service. Listed below are only a handful of things Firefighter Carn has accomplished.
Florida Smoke Diver, 2013
Instructor, FSD program 2014-present
Instructor, FSFC 2015-present
Instructor, Daytona State 2017-present
Instructor, Orlando Fire Conference, 2014-present, ACES, RIT: One Bad Day
Instructor, Ft. Lauderdale Fire Expo, Engine Co. Operations, RIT/Survival. 


Lt. Jeffrey MrWik

Jeffrey Mrwik, is a 17 year fireman/student of the fire service and is currently a Lieutenant on Squad Company 17 with St. Johns County Fire Rescue. He instructs for his department in the areas of Forcible Entry, Engine Company and Pump Operations, Search, Ladders, and Rapid Intervention. Squad 17 responds to all vehicle entrapments and working fires in the 1st Battalion and for the RIT assignment to a large portion of the county.
He is the owner and an instructor for Malta Fire Training LLC. He teaches both Engine and Truck Company Operations with a focus on the basics. 

Firefighter Scott Hughes

Scott Hughes from Daytona Beach Fire Department. Scott started his career as a firefighter in 2010 and holds certs as an Instructor 2, LFTI, ropes, confined space, VMR, trench tech. Scott is a part of Daytona Beach Fire Departments Technical Rescue Team and Motor Medic team. Scott has a passion for primary search, VES, forcible entry, & ladders.