"First Due Fundamentals Class"


Defeating the swing latch with a door hanger.


Forcible Entry- Chain locks w/ John Hayowyk


Halyard tie off.


Thermal Imager Sweep


Simulated Smoke Conditions

By applying press and seal to the outside of the mask, you can simulate smoked out conditions without all the cost.

Smooth Bore Nozzle Advantages


Making The Grab


Quick Rescue System


Making The Stretch (Inside a stairwell)


Single Firefighter Forcible Entry. (Inward Swinging Door)

Using flat head axe as a door wedge.

Today's quick tip is about using the Axe as a wedge. After a couple quick hits with the halligan, the axe was able to create a nice gap in this metal outward swinging door. Now you can insert the adz end of the halligan into your newly formed gap and begin to force the door. Obviously doors in your area may present different challenges, but in mine the axe/wedge method is gold. As always, stay safe and stay low!


Fire department door control w/ spring clamp


When you need to throw a ladder on a concrete surface, but have limited personnel on scene to heel/foot you can use a doormat. Almost every residential structure has one at the front door. The doormat prevents the ladder from sliding and allows the spikes to grip while climbing. This isn't the preferred method but in a pinch it can get the job done.


Victim removal utilizing webbing. Part.1

High-Rise Ops (part 1.)

You can utilize your webbing to carry up air bottles on high-rise operations. By forming half hitches around the spare bottles and throwing the loop around the firefighters pack, this allows the firefighter to free their hands and carry additional tools/equipment.


Forcible Entry Aluminum Wedge. Outward Swinging Door.

Vehicle Stabilization Utilizing Long Backboard

Here is a little “outside the box” training during a recent TRT scenario. Using a long backboard and some rope, team members were able to provide temporary vehicle stabilization to a vehicle on its side until a unit with struts was able to arrive on scene and set up for a more permanent solution. Stay safe and stay low boys!


System Load

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